You can access the internet after completing settings on this page.
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This type is applicable if you are assigned a fixed IP address for accessing the internet.
This type is applicable if you can access the internet without configuration after connecting the cable with internet connectivity to your computer.
This type is applicable if you have a user name and password for setting up a broadband dial-up connection. you can import them from your original router.

The wireless connection has been released. Please connect to the WiFi network named:
Import User Name and Password ×
Step 1: Power on the original router.
Step 2: Connect one end of an Ethernet cable to the WAN port of the original router and the other end to a LAN port of the new router. The new router then automatically imports the broadband service user name and password from the original router.
Original Router New Router
When import succeeds, all the LAN port indicators of the new router turn on for 3 seconds and this page is closed. You only need to set a WiFi password then.

Your WiFi network is not encrypted.

You are recommended to set a WiFi password for network security.